La Sportiva Helios Rewiev

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It took so long before I have bought this shoes. I read about them, I check them many times online and, finally I went to the regular store with made decision in my mind to buy them.
I have no doubt already at the store. That was it! I found my size and felt like in a soft slippers. I have bought them. 119€.
The first training in the forrest were perfect. The shoes on a soft and dry trail give full control. 4mm drop forces landing on the midfoot. You can feel everything what is under your feet.
the situation has changed after the rain. The single forrest trail with a layer of wet leaves made my run little bit slippery.
Nevertheless, because the Helios lightness I decided to start in these shoes my very first 100km alpine ultramarathon Salomon Zugspitz Ultratrail. It was raining a couple of days before the start. The weather has not changed on the start line. On the hard and dry surface the shoes kept excellent. The foot was free inside the shoe and at the same time it did not move inside. No blisters at all. I had to stop two-three times and remove small stones and mad. On slippery and muddy ground La Sportivas did not keep me weel. I land in mad a couple of times.
The 4mm drop after a long alpine distance can give you too much feeling an every step on a sharp stone can became simply painful.
This is the reason why La Sportiva reccommend this shoes for rather short, sky running distances than for long distance ultras.
I run in Helios Karkonosze Ultramarathon and around 100km in Dolomites, Italy. In total around 500km. After this distance the shoes looked quite used. The outside leyer gum sole was little bit broken. The fabric inside the shoes, in the heel area got a couple of holes. Probably I could run another 500km, but I have decided to give them back and use the guarantee. The complaint was accepted.
I run 500km for free. The full price was refunded.
I have invested that in…
…a new pair. Soon about them.
+ 4mm drop gives you full of track control, fast reaction
+ amazing comfort
+ great design
+/- price 119€
– too delicate fabrics
– no pocket for laces
– no traction control on slippery downhills