FKT: The Fastest Known Time. WTF?

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 Mariusz Weber on the top of Mt. Aconcagua, 6962m (Andes, Argentina)
The idea is simple: you can choose some trail, can be from point A to point B, can be some logic loop, zou have to start to run, make some documentation (GPS track, some people they saw you on the way, photos, video), you push youselve as fast as you can, publish all of that and after the finish you can feel the glory of being the fastest on that trail. Until someone will not do the same, on the same trail, faster than you. Everything is unformal with trust and support between other trail runners. This is the way to compete sometimes with the best runners, also with the running legends.
That was the way how this year Kilian Jornet lost his FKT to the top of Mt. Aconcagua. There was faster runner, Karl Egloff from Equador (from the entry to the National Park in Horocones to the top and back in 11h52min). I needed 3 days, without the entire acclimatization process…
The most fameous FKT this year was the new record on Appallahian Trail, beaten by Scott Jurek. There is 3523km to run. Jurek needed 42 days, 8 hours and 7 minutes and was faster than the previous record holder, Matt Kirk by little bit more than 12 days.
Everyone will remember the Jurek’s finish on the top of Mt. Kathadin, which costed 500$ fine. The National Park rangers found not so funny that Jurek celebrate this amazing record with a bottle of champagne. Alcohol is strictlz forbidden there.
FKT means freedom, which is essential in our sport.
FKT is the free way to decide where, when and with whom to run.
FKT to adventure, which requires sometimes very long preparations. An adventure which gives you opportunity to check yourselves.