First, health!

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Running ultra marathons is not the most healthy way to spend your spare time. Every med doc says that. You do not have to ask your doctor. Just run 100k in the mountains and, depends on your fit level and speed, in the second part of this run your body will partially turn off some processes. Your body starts to save energy, to not turn off forever.
At the beginning the body restricts blood flow in the digestive tract, that ends with dizziness, diarrhea and vomits. Probably, we all know that…
On the finish line, we can feel that it is not normal state. If we could immadiately test our blood, mostly possible that we could see that our endocrine system is fucked up, and blood composition looks like we could just have a heart attack.
But there is also a hope. Running ultra marathons is not the worst choice. Just go to any shopping centre and look around. We will probably be in this healthy-looking minority.
We do sports more than three hours per week (LOL), we take care of our nutrition, we not misuse alcohol, we do not smoke.
But there is only but. We do not get a check up on regular basis.
It is realy not difficult. Just try to do it only one time a year, more less at the same time of the year (I do it every January). Go to the doctor and do basic examinations.
A blood test will show us the basics, if our body is in balance, if we have no lack of micro- and macro elements, if we have no anemia.
Check also your blood pressure, resting heart rate, and do ECG. Every two-three years you can go to the cardiologist and do an echocardiography, this treatment helps to ruled out a dangerous, but typical for endurance sportsman, Athletic heart syndrome. A cardiac stress test is also a good idea.
Additionally, we can check up our lungs capacity and performance. They, next to heart and muscle, give us power.
Please, do not think that this short text is a is a manifestation of hypochondria. Do it for yourself and your family.
A death during a some beautiful run somewhere on a mountain single track is maybe a sexy vision, however just wait with that little bit longer.
But, dude please, do not move it to the next week. Just do it now! In the next week can be too late to react accordingly.
I wish you all good health!